Hair Growth Treatment Dubai

Hair Growth Treatment Dubai

At Rama Clinic, they specialize in Hair Growth Treatment Dubai. This cutting-edge approach harnesses advanced technologies to stimulate hair growth. With personalized solutions, Rama Clinic aims to address hair loss and promote a healthier, fuller mane. Their expertise and commitment make them a sought-after destination for individuals seeking effective and tailored hair growth solutions in Dubai.

Hair Growth Treatment Dubai

What is Hair Growth Factor Therapy?

Hair growth factor therapy is a method to help your hair grow better and prevent hair loss. It makes your hair thicker and stronger at the root. The process is similar to the 'vampire facial,' where your own blood is used to improve the skin. In this therapy, we use something called Concentrated Growth Factor (CGF), which has special proteins that can heal your hair follicles. We take this from your blood and inject it into your scalp to make your hair healthier, thicker, and stronger.
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Hair Growth Treatment Dubai

Who needs Hair Growth Treatment Dubai?

Hair growth therapy is a treatment for people experiencing hair loss and thinning due to various reasons. Many men face male-pattern baldness, which often shows a receding hairline and a visible bald spot on the crown of the head. High growth factor treatment helps in regrowing hair in these areas, making the scalp fuller and the hair thicker.

Both men and women can be affected by hereditary hair loss, causing excessive hair loss, bald spots, and reduced hair thickness. Women often notice widening of the hair part. Hair growth factor treatment (HGF) addresses this issue by revitalizing hair follicles with essential proteins and enhancing blood flow to the scalp.

As we age, our body produces fewer melanin-producing cells, resulting in slower hair growth and increased hair fall. To counter this, it's crucial to supply the scalp with enough blood and the hair follicles with proteins and nutrients. Hair growth factor treatment contains various proteins that support the production of stronger and faster-growing hair strands.

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    Hair Growth Treatment Dubai

    Hair Growth Factor Treatment Procedure

    Hair growth factor therapy is a simple three-step procedure.


    To start, we take a small amount of blood from your arm. We know this can be a bit scary for some, but we do our utmost to make it as easy and comfortable for you as we can.


    Then, the extracted blood is used to obtain the CGF mixture


    Tiny needles called microneedles are used to gently inject CGF into the scalp. This protein mixture focuses on the hair follicles on the scalp, providing them with the proteins needed to make thicker and shinier hair strands. This helps make the hair more resistant to falling out. CGF also works on hair follicles that produce hair slowly, making your hair look fuller and getting rid of any bald spots.


    To get the best results, you need to have several sessions, but they don't take your blood every time. They draw your blood once, take out the CGF (Concentrated Growth Factors), and then use it in all the sessions you go through.

    Hair Growth Treatment Dubai

    Why is Hair Growth Factor Treatment Done?

    Our hair plays a big part in how we look and feel about ourselves. When it starts to weaken due to things we can't control, it makes us feel really self-conscious. No matter how much we try to hide it, our confidence takes a hit.

    Hair growth factor therapy can boost your confidence by improving your hair a lot. Your age, gender, and genes decide how strong and smooth your hair is. For many of us, these things make our hair thin and weak, leading to bald spots and a receding hairline.
    Hair growth factor treatment tackles this problem from the root, making your hair healthier by giving it a mix of good proteins. This mix helps your hair grow faster, become thicker, and stimulates hair growth in places where it wasn't growing before. The result is fuller, smooth, soft, and shiny hair, just the way you want it.
    Hair Growth Treatment


    Hair growth factor therapy is a helpful method for regrowing hair, and it's quite safe. There are only a few small risks, and they usually go away fast if you follow the care instructions properly. The risks of this treatment include:
    • An itching sensation
    • Mild rash
    • Tenderness at the injection site
    • Slight redness & swelling
    Hair Growth Treatment Dubai


    Hair growth factor therapy offers many exciting benefits for those struggling with balding & hair thinning. These benefits include

    The procedure carries minimal risks

    Promotes collagen & elastin production

    The hairline becomes fuller

    Reduced bald spots

    The hair grows faster

    The hair becomes stronger

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    Yes, applying supplements such as Biotin, Vitamin D, and Iron, in addition to Zinc and Fish Oil, can help with hair growth. However, it is necessary to check with a healthcare professional before you try any new supplements.

    Scalp massages can increase blood circulation to the scalp, which may promote hair growth by delivering more nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles. However, their effectiveness may vary among individuals.

    Hair restoration technology such as laser combs and helmets applies the remedy of low-level laser therapy (LLLT) to activate the follicles and encourage hair growth. 


    Even though some studies claim that they could work, the results might differ from person to person, and using them regularly is crucial.

    • Natural oils such as coconut oil, castor oil, and jojoba oil, have wholesome and nourishing properties that improve the general condition of hair and stimulate hair growth when applied to the hair or scalp.

    Whether the imbalance in hormones is due to the amounts of testosterone, estrogen, and thyroid hormones that fluctuate or not, they can all interfere with hair growth. 


    Condition that is like PCOS (PCOS), and various thyroid disorders could lead to the growth of hair or the loss of hair.

    Most hair growth serums contain active components such as minoxidil or peptides that can lengthen the growth period of hair strands and stimulate the hair follicles. 

    Some people may observe positive changes while the results can also be different for others and regular exercise is needed to keep improved well-being.

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