Dry Needling Dubai

Dry Needling in Dubai

Dry needling Dubai is a way doctors help with pain and movement problems linked to tight muscle points. They use thin needles near these points to make the muscles contract or twitch, which reduces pain and makes it easier to move.

Dry Needling Dubai

What is dry needling Dubai?

Dry needling is a method that healthcare professionals like acupuncturists and physical therapists use to help with muscle pain and movement problems. It's usually part of a bigger plan to manage pain, which might include things like exercise, stretching, and massage. In this technique, the provider puts thin needles through your skin to target specific sore points in your muscles.

The word "myofascial" breaks down to "myo" meaning "muscle" and "fascia" meaning the thin, white tissue that wraps around your muscles. Trigger points are tight, tender spots that form in your muscles. They are very sensitive and can hurt when touched. Sometimes, these trigger points are close to where you feel pain, but they can also cause pain in other parts of your body.

Providers use needles to work on these trigger points. When dry needling is done on your muscles, it can help loosen them up, improve blood flow, and reduce both local and referred pain. The needles used are solid and don't have any medicine, which is why it's called "dry" needling – nothing is injected into your body. This is different from trigger point injections, where medicine is injected by a doctor.

Dry needling is also known as trigger point dry needling and intramuscular stimulation.
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Dry Needling Dubai

How does dry needling work?

When you use a muscle too much, it can get tired and not get enough blood. Without enough blood, it lacks oxygen and nutrients, making it hard for the muscle to relax.

When this happens, the area around the trigger point (a sensitive spot in the muscle) becomes more acidic, causing pain and soreness.

To fix this, a therapist can use a needle on the trigger point. This helps bring back normal blood flow, removing tension. The needle can also stimulate nerves to release natural pain-relievers called endorphins.

When the therapist finds a trigger point, they insert a needle into it through your skin. They might move the needle a bit to make the muscle twitch, showing it's reacting. Some people feel better right after, while others need more sessions for relief.

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    Dry Needling Dubai

    What does dry needling do?

    Dry needling is a way to ease pain and improve how much you can move. It can be used to help with different problems, like:

    Joint issues

    Disk issues


    Migraine and tension-type headaches

    Jaw and mouth problems


    Repetitive motion disorders

    Spinal issues

    Pelvic pain

    Night cramps

    Phantom limb pain

    Postherpetic neuralgia, a complication of shingles

    Dry Needling Dubai

    Who shouldn’t get dry needling treatments?

    Some people shouldn't get dry needling. Doctors advise against it for kids under 12 because it might hurt. Both you and your child need to agree, and it's good to explore less painful options first. People in other groups, like those with certain health conditions, should talk to their doctor before trying dry needling.
    • Are pregnant
    • Aren’t able to understand the treatment
    • Are very afraid of needles (trypanophobia)
    • Have compromised immune systems
    • Have just had surgery
    • Are on blood thinners

    What happens before a dry needling treatment?

    Before you get dry needling, the person treating you will talk about your health history and check your body. They want to make sure dry needling is the right choice for you. If they think it is, they will explain how it works and answer any questions you have.

    On the day of your treatment, wear comfy and loose clothes. This helps your provider easily reach the area they're treating. If not, they'll give you a gown or cover.

    They'll take you to a private room or a part of a room with curtains. You'll adjust your clothes as needed, and they'll position you correctly for the treatment.
    Dry Needling Dubai

    What happens during a dry needling treatment?

    First, your healthcare provider will clean the treatment area and get the needle ready. The needles are only used once, and they are clean and disposable. Next, they'll use their hand or fingers to feel the area and find the trigger point. With their other hand, they'll put the needle, which is in a plastic guide tube, over the area. The guide tube helps them place the needle accurately while using one hand.

    Your provider will gently tap the needle into the top layer of your skin and then remove the guide tube.

    Depending on how your provider does it, they might keep the needle in for as little as two seconds or as long as 20 minutes. They might also use a technique where the needle moves in and out quickly, like a piston, going up and down through the tissue.

    In your first session, your provider might only use one or two needles. After seeing how you react, they might use more needles in the following sessions, depending on your condition. For example, they might use 10 to 15 needles along your spine if you're getting a treatment for your back.

    While getting the treatment, you might feel your muscles getting sore or twitching. Don't worry, this is normal and shows that your muscles are responding to the treatment.

    The technique your provider uses may vary. Common dry-needling techniques include:


    Your doctor will put the needle about 5 to 10 millimeters deep into the lower layer of your skin, just above the trigger point.


    Your healthcare provider will use a needle to go through the skin and into your muscle to reach a specific point called the trigger point.


    What happens after a dry needling procedure?

    After your dry needling treatment, the person helping you will take out the needle and check your skin for any reactions. They'll throw away the needle in a special container.

    Then, they'll ask you to stand up slowly. If you feel dizzy, they'll tell you to sit and rest before you leave.

    Remember to drink lots of water after your treatment to stay hydrated. Your muscles might feel more sore after, but it's important to keep moving. This is normal and might last for a day or two. You might also notice some bruising where you got the treatment, and this could stick around for about a week.
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    The dry needling method is a technique that involves passing a small needle into the connective tissue of the neuromuscular system to activate trigger points and promote healing. 

    On the one hand, physiotherapy is a branch of Western doctoring, but acupuncture originates from the Eastern philosophy in Chinese medicine.

    Different people may react differently to dry needling and the responses can be inconsistent. Others might experience the same effect at the dry needling, some can feel calm during and after the treatment, but some might have a poor body response.

     It is necessary to comprehend the possibility of various reactions and the correct way to deal with them as well as appropriate clinical decision-making.

    Acute pain conditions may only need one session. However, in the case of more chronic pain, the patient might need multiple treatments to see improvement. 

    The beneficial responses of dry needling can build up with time and there is a possibility to extend the time gap between the sessions once the best condition is achieved for the patient through treatment.

    • Dry needling can address a broad range of problems, both for pain control and musculoskeletal system dysfunction. It has the capability of relieving muscle tension and improving pain. 

      However, it may lead to muscle tightness, bruising, or even more side effects. It is vital to know the benefits and adverse effects of dry needling before getting treatment.

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