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Discover top-notch Dental Crown and Bridges at Rama Clinic in Dubai! Our skilled team specializes in providing high-quality dental services, including teeth crowns. Dental crowns are like protective caps that cover damaged or weakened teeth, restoring their strength and appearance. Bridges are used to replace missing teeth, filling the gaps for a complete smile. At Rama Clinic, we prioritize your oral health, offering expert solutions to enhance your smile and overall well-being. Experience excellence in dental care with our dedicated team in Dubai.

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Dental Bridges and Dental Crown in Dubai

Rama Clinic proudly presents the best dentists for crowns and bridges in Dubai. Our years of experience in the healthcare industry ensure you get nothing but the best services and long-lasting oral health. We utilize advanced tools and procedures in our practice.

If you have lost, cracked, or infected teeth, it not only looks bad but also makes it hard to eat like you used to. But don't worry, we can help you! Our special dental crowns and bridges in Dubai can fix your teeth. They are made just for you, so your teeth will be straight, and your face will look normal again. You'll be able to cut, chew, and bite your food just like before.

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    Affordable Dental Bridges in Dubai

    A dental bridge acts like a bridge between your teeth when you're missing one or two. It not only fills the gap nicely but also stops the other teeth from getting crooked. So, if you're missing some teeth, a dental bridge can help keep your smile looking good and your teeth in line.

    Empty teeth spaces are unsuitable for good oral hygiene and can cause problems with chewing or biting. Crown bridges can perfectly prevent these issues. They are designed with two crowns on each side and also serve as a support for surrounding teeth. BellaViso presents personalized dental bridges for you at an affordable price.

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    At Rama Care, we offer budget-friendly snap-on smile services in Dubai without compromising on quality.

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    Our highly skilled doctors offer top-notch Snap-On Smile services in Dubai to enhance your smile seamlessly.

    dental crowns

    Best Dental Crown Services in Dubai

    In our busy lives, we merely brood over the fact that foods we are eating can have a negative impact on our teeth. Especially dark-colored substances do the most damage. And after years of bad hygiene, bad diet, or trauma, It seems impossible to reverse the impact. Our dentists use durable materials to design custom crowns per your teeth structure.

    A dental crown is like a cap that goes over your crooked or damaged teeth. At Rama Clinic in Dubai, our dentist gives you the best dental crowns. They make your teeth look good again, just like real teeth, and they last a long time. With our dental crowns, you can have a beautiful smile and strong teeth.

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    How Do Dental Crowns Restore Oral Health?

    Our dental crowns can help treat and prevent numerous oral health concerns. They may:

    • Rebuild a damaged or broken tooth
    • Prevent an infected tooth from further decays
    • Protect teeth weakened by damage or cavities
    • Improve mouth structure by treating discolored or cracked teeth
    • Cover a tooth after root canal treatment or dental implant
    • Hold a dental bridge in place
    • Improve your chewing and biting ability






    Types of Dental Bridges


    Traditional Dental Bridges

    These are the most common crown bridges. Traditional dental bridges are designed to hold one or more fake teeth—also referred to as pontics. The bridge is held in one spot by two dental crowns and secured with the teeth nearby. They serve various purposes but are ideal for molars and premolars.

    Cantilever Bridges​

    Cantilever Bridges

    Almost similar to traditional bridges, Cantilever bridges can be another good option to replace a missing tooth. The fake tooth is supported by an adjacent only from one side, instead of both. This way, If there’s merely one natural tooth near the gap, the bridge will, therefore, still be secured.

    Maryland Bridges

    Maryland Bridges

    Maryland Bridges are considered an alternative to the traditional ones. They consist of a Pontic held at one position by a porcelain framework or metal instead of a crown. The frame is cemented to the back of the missing tooth. However, these bridges are less durable and are mainly recommended for incisors.

    Implant-Supported Bridges

    Implant-Supported Bridges

    These types of dental bridges are utilized to fill the gap If more than one or two teeth are missing. Rather than on framework or crowns, these bridges are supported by implants. One implant for every missing tooth. The sequence of implants keeps the bridge still. visit Rama Clinic.

    Types of Dental Crown

    Emax Crown

    Emax Crown

    These dental crowns are recommended for front row teeth only. They are apparently thin. However, after bonding with natural teeth, their strength is enhanced. They are usually made with lithium disilicate. for more information contact us.


    Zirconia Crown

    Zirconia Crowns are made with Zirconium metal. They provide a natural look to the teeth and are less bulky. Due to their durability and ability to stand heavy biting, they are ideal for both front and back teeth.

    Metal Crowns

    Emax Crown

    Metal crowns are the most solid dental crowns. They last almost a lifetime or don't become obsolete after years. Gold, nickel, chromium are the most known metal crowns. They are mostly recommended for the molar region.

    Faqs-Snap-on smile

    Crowns and bridges are generally the two most common treatment procedures used in dental restoration and reinforcing of teeth that have been damaged, or missing completely. 

    A dental crown may be prescribed for an extremely decayed, cracked, or weakened tooth that has become larger than a filling.

     Bridges are used to fill in the gap created by one or more missing teeth, with pontics (artificial teeth) attached to the natural teeth adjacent to the missing space or atop dental implants.

    Dental crowns and bridges are formed from various materials which are, porcelain, metal alloy, ceramic, or composite of these materials. 

    Porcelain crowns and bridges look surprisingly like real teeth and are usually a top wish for the front teeth. The metal alloy crowns are very tough and have the largest share in crowning molars. Ceramic crowns and bridges offer a natural look a perfect match of strength and durability.

    The durability of dental crowns and bridges is impacted by such elements as oral hygiene standards, biting pressures, and materials used. 

    In general, dental crowns can be expected to last from 5 to 15 years, and possibly longer with faithful maintenance and good care. Regular dental check-ups and professional cleaning may help give these crowns and bridges a longer lifespan.

    To give dental crowns and bridge a longer life, you need to take good care of your oral health, which involves brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day, flossing, and using antiseptic mouthwash daily. 

    Don’t eat hard foods such as ice or pencils as they can chip the restoration and see your dentist once in a while for evaluations and cleanings.

    Yes, dental crowns or bridges can be replaced, if they get damaged, or if the gums or teeth surrounding them change. The dentist will examine the health of the crown (or bridge) and determine whether it needs to be repaired or replaced.

    Even though dental crowns and bridges are generally proven to be safe and effective, still there exist some risks to know, including tooth sensitivity, gum inflammation, allergic reaction to materials, and loss of adjacent teeth. 

    Our dentists  will explain these risks to you and take measures to reduce the chance of complications.

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