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Dental Braces in Dubai: Straighten Your Smile with Confidence

Discover the transformative power of dental braces in Dubai clinic. Our advanced orthodontic solutions, including ceramic and metal braces, are designed to enhance both the function and aesthetics of your smile. Say hello to a healthier, straighter smile today.


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Dental Braces in Dubai

Dental Braces in Dubai: Enhance your smile with Modern, Effective Braces.

When your teeth are properly aligned, you can reduce the risks of tooth decay, enamel wear, and other dental problems. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have naturally straight teeth. That's where our dental braces come in. Our range of orthodontic braces can improve both the function and aesthetics of your smile, turning it into one of your favorite accessories! Depending on your age, personal preferences, and the severity of your tooth misalignment, our orthodontics specialty offers various types of braces to choose from. Our orthodontists in Dubai will guide you through the most suitable orthodontic treatment for your smile.

  • At the Rama Clinic, we understand that achieving a beautiful, healthy smile is often the main motivation for seeking orthodontic treatment. Crooked or misaligned teeth can make people feel self-conscious about their smile and overall appearance. Our orthodontists have a range of options to help patients achieve straight teeth and a healthy bite.
  • Modern dental braces offer alternatives that work well for both children and adults. In fact, advancements in techniques have made treatments quicker, more comfortable, and more successful than ever before.
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Ceramic Braces in Dubai: Quick & Comfortable Option for Straightening Teeth

Ceramic braces in Dubai are particularly popular among teens and older patients due to their aesthetic appeal. With clear brackets, these braces are hardly noticeable to others. The brackets are smaller than traditional metal braces and blend in with your teeth. The archwires, which are colored to match your teeth, are threaded into the slots in the brackets. This further minimizes the visibility of the braces.

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Benefits of Ceramic Braces

  • Discreet and virtually invisible
  • Resistance to staining and discoloration
  • Gentle yet consistent force to straighten teeth
  • Comfortable and durable compared to traditional braces
  • Easy to clean






Why Choose Metal Braces?

Metal braces are an effective solution, especially for severe cases of overcrowding. They are available in modern styles, shapes, and colors to suit your aesthetic preferences. Furthermore, they are more affordable compared to treatments like Invisalign or ceramic braces. Metal braces also correct severe cases of other orthodontic conditions and reduce the risk of premature tooth wear. Early treatment with metal braces can even address gummy smiles.

Who is Suitable Candidate for Traditional Metal Braces?

If you have crooked or misaligned teeth and your teeth and gums are in good health, you may be a good candidate for traditional metal braces. They are suitable for individuals aged 10 years and beyond, and those who maintain good oral hygiene.

Metal Braces
About Dental Treatment

Metal Braces

Metal braces have long been a trusted method for aligning teeth. Made of durable stainless steel, they consist of brackets bonded to the teeth and connected by an archwire. The archwire applies gentle pressure to gradually move the teeth into the correct position. Metal braces are a great option for achieving a straight and healthy smile.

  • Benefits of Metal Braces
  • Highly durable
  • Effective and efficient in straightening teeth
  • Prevents future dental issues
  • Recommended for severe cases of misalignment
  • Reduces the risk of premature tooth wear
  • Cost-effective compared to other treatments
Metal Braces Procedure

Procedure for Metal Braces

Initial Consultation

The orthodontist will examine your teeth and gums and discuss suitable treatment options with you.

Examination and Treatment Planning

X-rays and impressions of your teeth will be taken to evaluate your dental structure and design your treatment plan.

Attaching Brackets and Bands

Non-toxic adhesive is placed on each tooth to attach the brackets, and they are cured using blue light. Metal bands are also placed to anchor the braces.

Placement of Braces

Archwires are attached to the brackets using rubber bands or ligatures to fix them in place. The wires are carefully snipped to prevent discomfort.

By following these steps, you can achieve a straighter smile and improve your oral health.

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    Faqs-Snap-on smile

    Braces can be used by people who have poorly aligned teeth, excessive crowding, open bite, crowding, or misalignment. Through gradual manipulation of these problems, they cannot only restore but also improve the functionality of the mouth as well as a pleasing appearance.

    Various types of braces are available, such as the conventional ones made of metal, porcelain, lingual, and clear aligners (such as Invisalign). Each type introduces new benefits and can address a variety of orthodontic issues as well as personal likes and dislikes.

    The length of the orthodontic treatment with braces may be different depending on the difficulty of the orthodontic issues following the treatment plan. In general, a person should stay with braces for a period of 1 to 3 years. 

    The duration of your treatment will depend on your case and it will be specified by your orthodontist.

    When you wear braces, you will probably have to see the orthodontist every 4 to 6 weeks for the sake of necessary adjustments. These visits are made for your orthodontist to monitor the changes, work out the adjustments of the braces, and determine whether the treatment is on track.

    When the braces are worn, foods that are hard, sticky, or chewy should be avoided, as they can damage the braces or get stuck, for example: hard candy, popcorn, chewing gum, and some types of nuts. 

    Instead of hard food, go for soft food that is easily chewed, like pasta, yogurt, mashed potatoes, and smoothies.

    Good oral hygiene is a necessary component for wearing braces as it helps to prevent tooth decay, gingivitis, and white spots on the teeth. 

    Brush your teeth after each meal with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste and use a water flosser or interdental brushes to clean between the wires and brackets.

    If you have a broken wire, loose bracket, or poking wire problem, you need to contact your orthodontist immediately to discuss the care and help. Until then, you can try using the orthodontic wax to cover any sharp point or sensitivity.

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