Hair Loss Treatment Dubai

Hair Loss Treatment Dubai

Rama Clinic in Dubai stands as a beacon of hope for those grappling with hair loss, offering advanced and personalized Hair Loss Treatment Dubai. With a dedicated team of skilled professionals, Rama Clinic employs cutting-edge technologies and evidence-based approaches to address various forms of hair loss.

The clinic's commitment to excellence is evident in its comprehensive solutions, ranging from FDA-approved medications to innovative hair restoration procedures. Rama Clinic's specialized approach considers individual needs, ensuring tailored treatments that yield optimal results. The clinic's reputation for success in hair loss treatment in Dubai is built on a foundation of expertise, compassion, and a commitment to helping clients regain confidence through a renewed and flourishing mane.

Hair Loss Treatment Dubai

What is Hair Loss Treatment Dubai?

As we get older, our hair growth tends to slow down and sometimes even stop because the hair follicles become smaller. This can lead to gradual balding on the scalp, which is a common problem that can affect how we feel about ourselves.

The main reason for hair loss is usually because of our genes. Men often experience male pattern baldness after they reach puberty, while women might notice more hair loss as they get older. In men, signs of hair loss often include a receding hairline or a bald spot on the top of the head.
For women, hair loss often starts around where they part their hair. Luckily, there are treatments available to help reduce hair loss and even encourage new hair to grow in the places where it's thinning.
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Hair Loss Treatment Dubai

What causes hair loss?

As mentioned above, hair loss occurs when the fallen hair is not replaced by new hair. There are different factors that contribute to hair loss, and they include:
  • congenital defects
  • collagen diseases
  • infections
  • physical injury
  • family history
  • genetic factors
  • zinc deficiency
  • anaemia
  • metabolic disorders
  • post-pregnancy
  • hormonal changes
  • illness
  • stress

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    Types of Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai

    Various types of hair loss treatments exist, addressing issues like genetic balding or age-related thinning. These treatments range from medications that promote regrowth to advanced procedures for restoring hair.

    PRP for Hair

    Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a treatment for hair loss. In this process, the doctor takes a small amount of the patient's blood and after some preparation, injects it back into the scalp. PRP has worked well for many people, encouraging hair growth and preventing further hair loss. This treatment boosts the blood supply to the hair follicles, stopping them from getting smaller and encouraging new hair growth. Some people also notice that their hair becomes thicker after undergoing PRP therapy.

    Mesotherapy for Hair

    Hair mesotherapy is a way to treat hair loss by giving your hair follicles a boost of good stuff like vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, and amino acids. They inject this nutrient mix into your scalp, making your hair healthier and encouraging it to grow. Not only does it help with hair loss, but it also makes your hair thicker and smoother. Lots of people have seen good results with mesotherapy, and it's a popular choice for many who want to improve their hair.

    Stem Cell Therapy for Hair

    Stem cell therapy is a different way to get hair back compared to a regular hair transplant. It's not a surgery and doesn't involve a lot of cutting. In this procedure, a small piece of skin is taken, and hair follicles are collected from it. These hair follicles are copied in a lab and then injected into the areas where hair is thinning, along with some stem cells. Even though stem cell therapy for hair loss is quite new, research shows it can give good and lasting results for people trying to regrow their hair.

    Hair Growth Factor

    Hair Growth Factor (HGF) treatment is a way to help hair grow back when it falls out. Here's how it works: first, a small amount of blood is taken from the person getting the treatment. This blood is then used to get important proteins. These proteins are later injected back into the scalp. The special protein mix helps to increase blood flow in the scalp, encouraging the production of collagen and elastin. This, in turn, helps with hair growth and makes the hair shaft thicker. People who have undergone HGF treatment often notice shinier, thicker, and healthier hair.

    Hair Filler Treatment

    Hair filler treatment is a way to make your hair look better and help it grow. During this treatment, a special solution is injected into the hair follicles, which are like tiny hair roots in your skin. This solution helps the hair follicles get more blood and nutrients, making your hair grow healthier. The outcome of this treatment is that your hair becomes thicker, fuller, and healthier. It can also reduce or get rid of bald spots, giving you better-looking and healthier hair overall.

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    Why is Hair Loss Treatment Done?

    Losing hair is something many people experience as they get older or due to family history. Sometimes, health issues can also make hair fall out. That's why treatments for hair loss are crucial for preventing baldness and slowing down the aging process. These treatments can make a big difference in how people feel about themselves, boosting self-confidence and improving their self-image, especially if they're dealing with hair loss at a young age.

    Other benefits of hair loss treatments include the following:
    • Promote hair regrowth
    • They are cost-efficient
    • Hair loss treatments yield long-lasting results
    • Most treatments are minimally invasive
    • Nourish the hair follicle, leading to healthier hair
    • Increase hair volume
    • Thicken the hair shaft
    Hair Loss Treatment Dubai

    Who is the best candidate for hair loss treatment?

    Hair loss may be temporary or permanent depending on the underlying cause. That is why it is important to seek an expert’s opinion before embarking on treatment.

    A good candidate for hair loss treatment is a person who desires to improve his/her appearance and is also experiencing:

    Thinning eyebrows, mustaches, and beard

    Receding hairline

    A bald patch

    Thinning hair on the scalp

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    There are many remedies, the most efficient of which are drugs like minoxidil and finasteride, as well as hair transplantation surgery. Every option has its advantages and disadvantages, and it all comes down to personal factors and opinions.

    True, stress can lead to hair loss by interrupting the cycle of growth. Putting stress at bay through relaxation techniques, exercise and counseling proves to be beneficial in establishing healthy hair.

    Certain herbal remedies like saw palmetto, rosemary oil, and scalp massage may produce some hair growth. On the other hand, it is subjective, and people could respond differently to the individual treatment strategy with the best result if used as a complementary therapy.

    • Normal side effects of finasteride can include decreased sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and breast tenderness. You must discuss the possible side effects with your healthcare provider to determine if this type of medication is the right option for you.

    The outcome of minoxidil therapy can be different for many patients, but it usually takes several months of constant use for any hair growth improvements to become noticeable. Persistence and strict compliance with the treatment plan are the main components.

    Yes, a hair transplant is recognized as a permanent remedy for hair loss. Generally, the transplanted hair follicles resist the effect of the hormone DHT, which is causative of male pattern baldness. 


    If you’re looking for the best hair loss dermatologist in Dubai, Rama care is the name you should rely upon.

    Keeping healthy nutrition with vitamins and minerals, managing stress levels, avoiding rough styling equipment, and protecting hair from environmental damage are all useful ways to prevent hair fallout and provide stylish, healthy hair.

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