Nail Fungus Treatment Dubai

Nail Fungus Treatment Dubai- Diagnosis

When you have toenail fungus, your nail can get thick and turn yellow. It might even have white spots and lines. A certain kind of mold, called dermatophyte, is what causes the most common nail fungus treatment dubai, known as tinea unguium. This fungus usually goes after your toenails, but it can also affect your fingernails. Another name for this condition is onychomycosis.

Nail Fungus Treatment Dubai

Nail Fungus Treatment Dubai

Nail fungus is an uncomfortable condition that causes many problems in Dubai and worldwide. It is unique in presenting thickened, fungus-infected, and painful nails, impacting the quality of life. At Rama Care, we are focused on utilizing innovative and efficient methods, such as state-of-the-art nail fungus laser treatment in Dubai, to bring back nail health and looks

Nail Fungus Treatment Dubai

What is toenail fungus?

Toenail fungus is a common infection that can happen to your toenails, and sometimes your fingernails. It occurs when fungi get into the space between your toenail and the skin underneath it. This usually occurs when there is a cut or crack in your toe.

What is tinea unguium?
When a certain kind of mold, called dermatophyte, gives you toenail fungus, it's called tinea unguium. This mold likes to grow on a protein called keratin, which is what makes your nails hard. Dermatophytes are responsible for most toenail fungal infections, and tinea unguium is also called onychomycosis.

What Causes Nail Fungus?

Nail fungus mainly occurs from too much growth inside and around the nail. These organisms prefer a moist, warm environment, which puts public pools, gyms, and showers at high risk for acquiring such illnesses. Still, personal habits such as wearing tight shoes and using communal nail tools also increase the risk of acquiring fungi nails. Acknowledgment of those causes is the real key to effective prevention and treatment.


Symptoms of Nail Fungus

The visible symptoms of toenail fungal infections are gradual. They will progress to the next level if you don't treat the disease immediately. Initially, a white or yellow spot might be noticed on the bottom part of your nail. In this phase, the fungus may penetrate deeper into the nail and lead to discoloration, thickening, and cracking at the edges of the nail, which may be an ugly and even sometimes painful condition.

Effects of Nail Fungus

When fungal nail infections are left unattended, the nail damage can become irreversible. It causes them to become distorted and misshapen. Besides the outer look, these infections result in pain or uncomfortable feelings, mostly observed when putting on a shoe or walking. Moreover, there may be problems with the individual's self-esteem and socializing due to the display of the nails.

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Nail Fungus Treatment Dubai

Who does toenail fungus affect?

Toenail fungus can happen to anyone, but it's more common in older adults, especially those over 60.

You might be more likely to get toenail fungus if you:
  • Athlete’s foot (tinea pedis).
  • Diabetes.
  • Hyperhidrosis (a disorder that makes you sweat a lot).
  • A nail injury.
  • Poor blood circulation due to peripheral vascular disease.
  • Psoriasis.
  • A weakened immune system, such as from an autoimmune disorder or HIV.
Nail Fungus Treatment Dubai

What does tinea unguium look like?

Tinea unguium can make your toenail look different in more than one way. Your toenail might:

Change color, looking white, yellow or brown.

Look chalky or cloudy in some spots.

Thicken and possibly look misshapen.

Separate from your nail bed (leaving space between your nail and the skin underneath).

Crack or break in one or more spots.

Nail Fungus

Treatments for Nail Fungus at Rama Care (#Nail Fungus Treatment in Dubai)

At Rama Care, we provide personalized treatment ideal for the class and severity of your nail fungus. Our nail fungus treatments include:
Topical antifungal creams and ointments that are applied to and contact the affected nail.
Antifungal medicine taken orally keeps the fungus away from the inside out.
A special medicated nail polish and cream, especially effective against the conditions of mild to medium levels.

Nail Fungus

Laser Treatments for Nail Fungus at Rama Care (#Nail Fungus Laser Treatment in Dubai)

We at Rama Care use the latest laser technology, which directly penetrates the nail and targets the fungus in the nail tissue while preserving the nail and the surrounding skin.
Usually, short procedure time consumers spend a minimum of 2 minutes per session.
It is as effective as conventional CBT (95%), but in most cases, the results are evident after the first few sessions.
It gives you no side effects, and there is no need to recuperate, letting you stay active and follow your regular schedule.
The nail fungus laser treatment in Dubai is perfect for non-invasive and pain-free options.

Tips for Preventing Nail Fungus (#Nail Fungus Treatment in Dubai)

You can prevent your nails from developing fungal infections by taking care of your feet and being cautious of the environments they are exposed to. Here are some tips:

Be sure your feet are dry and clean, particularly dry your toes between them.
Watch out for fungicidal sprays and powders daily, especially if you often go to gyms or pools.
Have loose socks and airy shoes; change them daily.
Avoid walking barefoot in public places, as infection can quickly spread.
Please check to make sure all nail salons use sterilized equipment.

At Rama Care, we realize that you might have gone through everything associated with nail fungus, and we are determined to give you the best nail fungus treatment in Dubai. Our healthcare providers employ a variety of approaches when they treat different nail issues, ranging from simple nail cleaning to laser therapy in extreme cases. Contact us immediately if you want more details regarding our treatments and how we can provide efficient care.


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    Although many home remedies and over-the-counter products can treat nail fungus, their effectiveness is usually limited to milder cases. In the more serious ones, proper medication is required. However, nail fungus laser treatments in Dubai from Rama Care are highly recommended for obtaining permanent solutions as they take less time and are more effective. These modalities utilize lasers to remove the fungus without damaging the surrounding nail skin.

    You might have nail fungus if you notice any common signs: discoloration of the nail (maybe yellow, brown, or white), it’s thickening, the nails no longer smooth but crumbly and flaky, changes in the shape, or slight foot smell. Nail fungus is another name for a relevant infection that may manifest as toenails fungus or fingernails fungus but is mainly found in toenails.

    Although traditional treatments can be effective, they usually result in long recovery times and sometimes can induce adverse side effects. Laser therapy, though, provides a non-surgical option with fewer side effects and a short duration of treatment, which are quite beneficial. In most cases, it comprises a few sessions, each lasting about half an hour, without the patients feeling any unpleasant sensations or any other downtime.

    • Prophylaxis is a crucial step in managing nail fungi. Effective strategies include:

      • Adherence to good foot hygiene and trimming and cleaning nails is also recommended.
      • Sweat and odor are reduced by wearing lightweight socks made of moisture-wicking fabric.
      • One can find places prone to fungal infections with antifungal powders or sprays.
      • They are not lending one’s items such as towels, shoes, and nail clippers.

    The nail fungus laser treatment in Dubai is highly reliable because its accuracy and ability to reach the nail bed are unmatched without damaging other areas surrounding the nail. This treatment is best for those interested in safer substitutes for oral medications and is more effective than topical creams.

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