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Botox Dubai Treatment can make you look better by calming down the muscles that create wrinkles. They're not just for looks – they also help with health issues like migraines, sweaty palms, a too-active bladder, and eye troubles. To keep seeing good results, you need to get these injections every three to six months.

Botox Dubai

Botox Injections

Botox is a type of medicine that stops certain signals from nerves, which make muscles tighten. It's famous for making facial muscles relax, reducing wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes.

People get Botox shots for two main reasons: to look better and for health reasons. Botox, short for botulinum toxin, blocks the nerves that make muscles tighten under the skin. This helps with various health issues like an overactive bladder, urinary incontinence, chronic migraines, spasms, and more.

Besides medical uses, Botox is also used to make facial lines and wrinkles less noticeable. When it's injected into muscles, it temporarily improves severe lines on the forehead, around the eyes, and between the eyebrows in adults.
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Botox Dubai

Botox Injection Treatment Procedure

  • Reconstitution of Botox: This refers to mixing the attack with a sterilized saline solution to form a liquid solution. The solution is firstly drawn into the syringe making use of the 18G needle.
  • Preparation of the injection syringe: Then the Botox solution is reconstituted into a 1-mL injection syringe. One mL of the solution containing the drug is filled with the syringe, the drug being 50 units of Botox.
  • Injection technique: The drug is injected with a 30G, half-inch needle. The needle is inserted into the muscle by 45 degrees and plasma is pulled back slightly. Now comes the injection step, which consists of gently pushing the plunger.
  • Specific muscle targeting: The doctor chooses the muscles precisely to be injected and weakens only those that cause lines while staying away from muscles that are responsible for the natural facial expressions.
  • Aftercare: To avoid flushing, lying down for longer than four hours should be avoided, nor should massaging or applying heat to the treatment area be done. Also, activities that bring a flushing sensation should be restrained from the day of the treatment.

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    Botox in Dubai

    Benefits of Botox Injection - Botox Dubai

    Getting rid of tattoos using lasers is the most popular way because it has more advantages than other methods.

    Reduced wrinkles and lines:

    Injections with Botox can help smoothen the skin by temporarily disabling the targeted muscles in the face. Therefore, such muscles cannot contract.

    Enhanced aesthetics:

    Botox may help you to improve someone's facial appearance completely by the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines so that you can see a young and relaxed natural beauty.

    Increased confidence:

    Through treating aging concerns, Botox injections may enhance a person's confidence as well as give him/her a younger look.

    Non-invasive procedure:

    Botox is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment, generally, and largely subject to little risk and discomfort, which makes it well-liked for people who want to have their face rejuvenation.

    Medical uses:

    In addition to its cosmetic boosting function, Botox has been applied to diverse medical conditions - such as chronic migraine, muscle spasms, excessive sweating, overactive bladder, etc.

    Botox Treatment

    Botox in Dubai?

    Rama Clinic Dubai is the place for safe and effective Botox injections by well-trained dermatologists. In short, it is the best Botox in Dubai.

    Our up-to-date equipment and individual approach attract people who are looking for non-aggressive procedures for improving their physical look.

    Rama Clinic values the safety and satisfaction of its patients, and it commits to comprehensive support during the treatment process to help clients gain expert knowledge and get their desired results, thus their confidence and well-being increase.

    Botox in Dubai

    Are There Any Risks Linked To Botox Injections?

    Bruising, swelling, and redness:

    These local reactions are the most commonly encountered side effects, which usually disappear within one to two days without any treatment.

    Headache and flu-like symptoms:

    Some people may feel mild headache and flu-like symptoms once the injection is administered for about 24 hours.

    Temporary weakness and droopiness:

    Overdose of Botox may result in transitory facial weakness and drooping, including eyebrow or eyelid dropping.

    Systemic spread of toxin:

    Rarely, the botulinum toxin can go beyond the treatment region, causing a botulism state, such as breathing problems, trouble swallowing, muscle weakness, and slurred speech.

    Botox in Dubai

    Precautions To Be Taken Before and After The Treatment

    Before Botox treatment, meet with a certified medical practitioner to address your desired results, worries, and medical background to find out if it's right for you. Stick to a good diet, drink enough water, stop alcohol and don’t use excessive salt, don’t take blood-thinning medications, and tell your doctor about your allergies and dietary restrictions.

    Immediately after you have the Botox treatment the area should not be touched or massaged for at least 24 hours, you should stay upright for at least four hours, avoid any strenuous exercise or activities for at least 24 hours.

    Use ice packs or cold compresses to combat swelling and bruising, avoid any excessive heat or sun exposure, follow any instructions from your healthcare provider. It is advised not to lie down for 4 hours after getting botox procedure done because it can put pressure on the treated parts and reduce the absorption of botox into the muscles. If you suffer any severe side effects under Botox treatment, doctors can help you remedy it.

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    Botox Dubai

    Preparation For Botox Treatment

    • Preparing your body: Make sure you drink enough water, include foods high in antioxidants on your list, avoid alcohol consumption and high intake of sodium.
    • Pre-treatment instructions: Follow the pre-treatment instructions given by your healthcare provider like applying cold compresses or ice packs, sleeping face-up, using certain medications or supplements, exercising that is not too strenuous, not getting facial treatments, or being in an excessive sun or heat.
    • Medication considerations: Discuss medicines, supplements, and herbal remedies with a doctor. The doctor may suggest stopping the intake of prescribed medications, over-the-counter drugs, or supplements for a couple of days before the Botox injection.
    • Facial prep: Chemical peels, suntans, and facials are no-gos in the days before your Botox treatment. Take arnica topically to help minimize any bruising that may develop.
    • Schedule your appointment strategically: Book your botox a few weeks before any big happening in your life because sometimes bruising may happen.
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    Common areas for treatment with Botox are forehead lines, crow’s feet, and frown lines. It’s also for jawline contouring and disappearing neckbands.

    The botox results generally last about 3-4 months. Routine treatments may lead to prolonging as muscles weaken with age.

    Botox injections are normally well-tolerated. Discomfort is less and shorter, also it’s similar to a slight pinch. Topical anesthetics could also contribute to the pain relief.

    Within a few days after Botox treatment, some effects are noticeable, while full effects can be seen after 1-2 weeks.

    A combination of Botox with dermal fillers, laser treatments, or chemical peels will lead to comprehensive facial rejuvenation, providing better results.

    Before getting Botox, stay off blood-thinning medication and alcohol to reduce the risk of bruising. Lastly, don’t forget to stay away from vigorous exercise for one full day to prevent migration.

    Botox is successful in the treatment of excessive sweating by blocking nerve signals to sweat glands and bringing solace for hyperhidrosis

    Long-term effects of regular Botox are usually safe. Regular treatment might induce muscle weakness, yet the risk is low under professional supervision.

    By relaxing the muscles that elevate the upper lip, Botox injections can eliminate gummy smiles and help the patient achieve a balanced look.

    Although there is no age limit, those looking for a Botox treatment should be at least 18 years old and have reasonable expectations.

    The Botox price in Dubai differs with the area treated and the expertise of the provider, from AED 800 to AED 2000 per session, on average.

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