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HIFU, or High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, is like a facelift without surgery, and it is getting common across Dubai. It's great for people with loose skin who don't want a surgery. You won't feel much pain, and you can go back to your usual activities soon after. HIFU works well on saggy cheeks, jowls, brows, and chins. You'll see some improvement right away, and the full effects will show within twelve weeks.

Hifu in Dubai

What is a HIFU Dubai Treatment?

High-Intensity Facial Ultrasound (HIFU) Treatment is a simple and non-surgical way to make your skin tighter and more attractive. It uses ultrasound energy to increase collagen and elastin in the skin, giving your face a better shape. This helps improve your facial features, making them look nicer and reducing signs of aging like wrinkles. People often call it a 'HIFU facial' or 'HIFU facelift.' Lots of people in Dubai like this treatment because it helps make their faces look better.
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How is a HIFU Treatment Performed in Dubai?

A HIFU session can last from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how much your skin is sagging. During the treatment, you might feel a bit of prickling or stinging, but most people don't find it too uncomfortable. Our team will make sure you're comfortable throughout the whole procedure. If you ever feel too uncomfortable, you can ask for something to relieve the pain.

HIFU treatment is a very simple procedure that follows the following steps:
  • Step 1: Our skin expert starts by cleaning the skin area they're working on.
  • Step 2: Next, a gel is put on the area we want to examine. This gel helps the ultrasound waves go through the skin without hurting the nearby tissue.
  • Step 3: Sure! A little gadget sends gentle ultrasound waves to a specific area. These waves make the deeper layers of the skin create collagen and elastin, which helps make the skin firmer, smoother, and more flexible.

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    Hifu Dubai

    Why is HIFU Treatment Done?

    As you get older, your skin can lose its tightness, causing fine lines and wrinkles. This can make your skin sag and droop, especially around your eyes, eyelids, cheeks, and neck. HIFU treatment is a non-surgical facelift that helps tighten your skin, making it look younger and reducing common signs of aging.

    In Dubai, many people opt for HIFU treatment because it can also help eliminate a double chin. The treatment targets the skin around the chin, encouraging the production of collagen and elastin. These proteins help lift the skin, giving your chin a more balanced and defined appearance.

    Hifu Treatment

    What are the Benefits of a HIFU Facial?

    HIFU treatment gives long-lasting results that you can see! Besides the good things mentioned earlier, one great thing about HIFU is that it's like a facelift without surgery. Regular facelifts involve surgery, which has lots of risks and takes a long time to recover from. But a HIFU facelift is not surgery. It hardly has any recovery time, and the small risks usually go away in a few days. You get good and long-lasting results without the risks of surgery.

    A HIFU treatment has many benefits in terms of improving overall facial appearance. Some of these include:
    • A reduction in fine lines & wrinkles
    • Tightening of droopy eyelids
    • Elimination of a double chin
    • Tightening of saggy cheeks
    • Elimination of under-eye bags
    • Added definition to the jawline
    Hifu Dubai

    Who needs Hifu Treatment Dubai?

    Many women over 30 who see wrinkles and fine lines on their faces like to try a HIFU facelift. It's a popular treatment to help reduce signs of aging, like under-eye creases. If you want to feel more confident about your appearance and get rid of similar issues, a HIFU facelift might be just what you need. People with a double chin also prefer this treatment because it's painless and comfortable.

    Are there any Risks associated with HIFU Treatment?

    HIFU treatment is pretty safe. The special tech used in the treatment focuses only on the skin layer that makes collagen, leaving the nearby skin fine. The only risks are a bit of swelling and redness on the skin, but they're not a big deal. They go away fast, usually within a few hours to four days after the treatment.

    Best Hifu Treatment in Dubai

    How can I prepare for a HIFU Facelift?

    To get the best results, make sure to follow some steps before having the procedure.
    • Make sure your skin stays moisturized by drinking plenty of water and using the right skincare products.
    • Don't stay in the sun too much, and make sure to put on sunscreen. Do this for at least a week before your procedure to avoid getting sunburned.
    • Don't drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes for about a month before your treatment.
    • Don't put on a lot of makeup or heavy moisturizer on the day of your treatment because it could mess up the best results.
    Hifu Dubai

    Aftercare Instructions for HIFU Facial Treatment

    It's okay to have a bit of swelling and redness after the treatment. To make sure it goes away quickly and you get the best results, follow these steps:

    Do not wash the area that has been treated until the redness & swelling die down completely

    Ensure to moisturize the skin very well & keep it hydrated

    Always apply a good amount of sunscreen when going out

    Try to avoid direct exposure to the sun too frequently

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    HIFU or High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound is a broad treatment option available at Rama Care for different conditions like prostate cancer, uterine fibroids, and various tumors. 

    Our specialized team utilizes the latest in technology, targeting and treating these issues with the precision and subtlety of HIFU, allowing patients to enjoy the benefits of a minimally invasive treatment without fear of side effects.

    HIFU treatment uses the advantage of ultrasound focal waves to selectively control and destroy only the targeted tissue, leaving the surrounding areas intact. We at Rama Care, avail our mission-driven specialists equipped with the latest in HIFU technology to provide targeted energy to the treatment area and achieve tissue ablation or thermal coagulation. 

    This procedure-less approach offers patients a very safe and effective alternative to traditional surgical procedures which are invasive.

    The patients going through HIFU treatment at Rama Care will not go through pain during the procedure. A special anesthesia may be given, either locally or in sedation, to assure the patient’s comfort.

    Our professional medical team is patient-centered and endeavors to minimize any kind of discomfort that could be related to the treatment process.

    HIFU treatment is generally well-tolerated, however, some potential side effects may arise, including temporary tenderness, swelling, or bruising at the site of treatment. In some random cases, patients may sustain nerve damage or burns to the skin

    The period that HIFU treatment takes depends on the appropriate area being treated as well as on the specific condition that is addressed. 

    Generally, appointments can take from 30 minutes to a few hours. Our team will provide you with thorough details about the duration of your treatment upon your consultation.

    The result of HIFU could potentially be seen within a few weeks to a few months after the therapy had been completed. 

    The appearance of conditions such as skin tightening or tumor reduction may take longer, but the natural healing process of the body will continue leading to improved conditions over time. 

    We will be following up and supporting you to the next level after treatment to maintain your results to the optimal level.

    Although the HIFU treatment can be a long-lasting technique, the duration of outcomes can still be influenced by the specific disease being treated, as well as individual variables.

    Certain patients may need further treatments or scheduled sessions, in the long run, to keep up with the best development. 

    Our team will be working closely with you to create an individualized program that addresses your specific condition and the objectives that you have set.

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