Specialized Hypertension Management in Dubai

Specialized Hypertension Management

Let Rama Care take you into specialized hypertension management strategies tailored to individual needs. Learn about cutting-edge treatments, lifestyle changes, and monitoring techniques to control high blood pressure effectively.

Specialized Hypertension Management in Dubai

Rama Care’s Way of Assessing Hypertension

High blood pressure commonly termed as hypertension is a significant risk factor that causes severe cardiovascular diseases in case of ignoring its management.

In the context of Rama Care, there is an initial examination of the hypertensive patient’s history focused on lifestyle practices that may have led to increased blood pressure.

  • Blood Tests: To evaluate the cholesterol levels, and renal function in addition to any other conditions that may be potential causes or consequences of hypertension.
  • Urine Tests: Because it enables one to assess the levels of potassium, creatinine, and BUN that are useful in measuring kidney function and in noticing proteins that would show signs of kidney disorder.
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG): For screening of any heart problem that may be arising from high blood pressure for example hypertension.
  • Echocardiogram: To check on the performance of the heart and also to establish its condition.
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We Provided All Types Of Specialized Hypertension Management


Personalized Treatment Plans

Rama Care modern clinic offers unique treatment programs for every client and his / her disorders. These plans are based on a combination of lifestyle modifications and medication management, structured as follows:
  • Lifestyle Changes: They are advised on matters concerning diet say in calorie intake, use of salt, and consumption of fruits and vegetables. There is a clear emphasis on moderate-vigorous physical activity and programs are individualized based on the patient’s age and general fitness level. They also give tactics for preventing stress and cessation programs for smokers.
  • Medication Management: In severe cases and due to the nature of ailments, Rama Care prescribes antihypertensive medications depending on the severity and specifics of each case. The type of medication used, whether it is a diuretic, beta-blocker, ACE inhibitor, or any other medication, is well informed by the health status of the patient and the presence of other illnesses.
  • Regular Monitoring: The following appointments will include evaluations of the progress of the treatment that has been given, and the patient’s blood pressure, with changes being made accordingly.

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    Our Different Advanced Monitoring Techniques

    Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM):

    This technique involves the use of a blood pressure cuff that is worn by the patient possibly for 24 hours. ABPM proves useful in monitoring variations in blood pressure during the day and at night and that gives a better insight of the patient’s status without being in a clinic.

    Home Blood Pressure Monitoring (HBPM):

    Teaching how to use the home blood pressure monitoring devices is conducted on the patients. As with this method, it is possible to control the blood pressure by monitoring the status frequently because hypertension is chronic

    Telehealth Services:

    The Rama Care includes systems that provide telemonitoring and teleconsultation. With this technology, different forms of digital platforms keep track of the patient’s blood and subsequently, adjust treatment in the outside clinic based on the received values.

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    Personalized medicine refers to cases where the treatment of the disease depends on genetics, the lifestyle of the patient, and his/her medical history, making the treatment of hypertension more effective. 


    The benefit of this strategy is that suitable medications and modifications of behavior can be chosen, and thus the opportunity to observe fewer side effects and enhanced treatment results can be attained. 

    Genetic testing can identify genetic predispositions to hypertension, providing insights into potential risks and the effectiveness of specific drugs. 


    This knowledge enables healthcare providers to customize treatment strategies that are more likely to be effective and less prone to adverse reactions.

    Yes, new technologies like smart blood pressure monitor that sync with smartphones, wearable devices that track blood pressure continuously, and apps that analyze trends and alert for hypertension management greatly enhance home monitoring. 


    These devices provide real-time data, improving patient engagement and treatment adherence.

    • For treatment-resistant hypertension, minimally invasive procedures like renal denervation, which uses radiofrequency ablation to target nerves in the kidneys that regulate blood pressure, and baroreceptor activation therapy. 

      This stimulates pressure sensors in the carotid artery to lower blood pressure, are available. These can offer relief when medications are insufficient.

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