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It is vital to decide on the removal of a birthmark since this is not a cheap process. While in Dubai, it is imperative to know the approximate cost of this type of treatment in order to make the right decision. 

The cost of removal of a birthmark in Dubai may differ depending on the location of the birthmark, its size, the type of treatment that is to be applied, and the charges of the service provider. Starting from laser treatment to surgical excision, the alternatives differ, and the cost may amount to thousands of AED. 

The focus of this article will be on the aspects of the cost of birthmark removal in Dubai, including the typical techniques and their rates, to guide your skin transformation process. 

cost of birthmark removal

What Is The Average Cost Of Birthmark Removal In Dubai?

The costs of treatments to remove birthmarks differ and usually cost between AED 500 and AED 2,500 for each session. The price difference depends on various factors such as the location, size, and kind of birthmark, the clinic, and the technology they employ. Laser treatments, which are one of the most effective ways of dealing with birthmarks, may attract a higher fee. 

Also, the type of specialist and the location within the emirate of Dubai also affect the cost of treatment. High charges may also be registered by clinics operating in better estates since the costs of doing business may be higher in those areas. 

How Many Sessions Does It Take For A Complete Birthmark Removal?

The number of sessions it takes to completely eradicate the birthmark depends on many factors regarding the birthmark. Some such factors include the color of the birthmark, size, and depth, and the treatment option that has been taken. Obviously, when speaking about the size and the placement of the birthmark, it is possible to name the number of sessions that can be necessary to remove it – from one to three in the case of the small and lightweight birthmark. 

However, bigger or black-skinned birthmarks may require several sessions of treatment, one being administered every month or so. 

Because fillings and laser treatments come in various levels and degrees of invasiveness, the cost can vary based on the birthmark and the dermatologist’s proposed method, thus, patient expectations and consultations with dermatologists are ideal. 

Are There Any Additional Costs That Can Be Linked To Birthmark Removal?

It is very important to know that in addition to the price for every session, there might be additional costs when you decide to remove a birthmark. To begin with, most centers will require one to pay an initial visit or evaluation fee, which may sometimes be covered in the fee of the subsequent therapy sessions. 

The cost of follow-up sessions as well as pre and post-procedure care forms the next cost factor for consideration, this may involve using such things as healing creams or high SPF sunscreens to make the treated skin area heal faster. They are essential in matters of infection control, minimizing the extent of scar tissue formation, and optimization of the outcome. 

Moreover, any case that does not require a fast treatment will imply more and more sessions and therefore more and more money to be paid. Also, patients are likely to think about the cost of attending several sessions, transport costs as well as the cost of taking time off work if the clinic is far. Knowledge of these hidden factors will go a long way in helping in budgeting for birthmark removal to avoid the wrath of the so-called hidden costs. 

What Makes Rama Care The Best Option For A Birthmark Removal?

Rama Care is one of the most popular medical centers in Dubai for the removal of birthmarks thanks to the equipment and professional dermatologists. The clinic has been known to harness the best laser equipment, which can easily eliminate a wide variety of birthmarks causing little discomfort on the skin. 

The care received from the specialized teams guarantees that the management of the treatment will be in accordance with the specific needs of the patient, increasing the chances of success of the results. Additionally, the goal of Rama Care focusing on the post-treatment care and education of a patient show that the facility cares for their patients making it a prime choice for safe and professional birthmark removal. 

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